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When I get to 100 followers, I will be giving nail polish away to 3 people! Reblog this to qualify for winning! I will be choosing 3 people who follow me that reblog this! Nail polish will be from Julep!

I should also mention that anyone can reblog this as many times as they’d like and you can be anywhere in the world :)

Update: I will be using a number generator to pick the 3 winners. I am still not too close to 100 followers, so be sure to spread this around! If I get to 100 quickly (March 22nd-29th), I’ll be making five winners instead of 3! 

Here’s a picture of the brand you’ll be winning. Not specifically the colours. Those I will let you guys choose :) **I am in no way being paid or asked to promote Julep. I am simply a 19 year old girl who feels like buying some nail polish for her followers :)